FAQ Most Frequently Asked Questions to Transfer Task

Account Related

  • How can I hire a virtual assistant from TransferTask?

    Very Easy! You can just start by sending us an email, call or fill the contact form.

  • How can I get a discount on my plan?

    We provide an additional discount of 5%, 10% and 15% on a recurring basis if you opt to go for a QUARTERLY, HALF YEARLY or YEARLY plan respectively.

  • My current plan has expired. How do I purchase additional hours?

    You can just subscribe to a new suitable plan based on your needs. Or send us an upgrade or additional hours request through email by keeping a standard subject line. Subject Line: I need more 20 Hours and attach the screenshot of PayPal payment.

  • I would just like to add hours to my "Pay As You Go" plan. Could you please advise me how to proceed?

    Just send us an email with the number of hours you need to add. Our support team will send you a payment link once you proceed and complete. Our team will add the hours to your account for more tasks.

  • How Often Can I switch plans?

    You can switch your plans at any moment. For example; your current plan is 20 Hours and you need an 80 Hours plan than Connect to your Transfer Task account team. Pick a program of your choosing and just get an Instant Update. Downgrade or Upgrade!

  • How can I unsubscribe from my current plan?

    You can simply send us an email at info@transfertask.com One of our customer service executives will get in touch with you immediately.

  • Can you guys help to create a PayPal account?

    Yes! You can seek our assistance by contacting our customer service desk. We’ll help you with the process.

  • Can I add multiple email accounts with the TransferTask portal?

    Yes, you can add multiple email accounts and provide access to multiple users from the same account. The administrator of the account will be able to add/delete email ids.

  • Can I review the usage history and the hourly breakdown on my account? Is this possible?

    Yes! You can review the usage history and hourly breakdown of your account. Just login to your Transfer Task account portal, click on WORK HISTORY and check the hourly breakdown.

  • I have unused hours of the last month and made a payment for the new cycle. So the unused hours of the previous month get added to the current month?

    Of course, Of course! You have your past unused hours been added to your new monthly cycle to enjoy lifetime validity.

Service Related

  • I have some tasks that need to be done every day/every fortnight/every week/every month. How do I schedule recurring tasks?

    If your tasks need to be completed every day / every fortnight / every week / every month, please mention the directions in the project email. Our Virtual Executive Assistant can execute the function as per your order.

  • If I opt for a full-time VA plan, how many hours a week would my virtual assistant work for me?

    If you sign up for the Full-Time plan, you would be assigned a dedicated VA who would be reserved for 8 hours a day for 5 business days.

  • What is your turnaround time for responses and hours of work for the virtual assistants in India?

    Virtual assistants at TransferTask will get back to you within 8 hours of the task being submitted to ensuring that it is done. Nevertheless, if the job could not be accomplished within 8 hours, you would obtain a summary letter from the executive at the end of the day informing you that the work will be continued on to the following day.

  • I want to change the priority of one of my tasks, but not sure how to do this. Please help.

    If you would like to adjust the priority of one of your assignments, please send us an email at info@transfertask.com or call us or submit your question via Skype chat. We're going to make the requisite adjustments from our end.

  • Can the virtual assistants work on weekends and public holidays?

    Of course, Of course! We are here to help you 365 days, just you will need to inform us 2 days in advance if you need a virtual assistant to work on weekends or public holidays. We will make changes in the employee shifts accordingly.

  • How do you ensure quality control?

    We have a very strict quality control process at TransferTask. A task performed by an executive is checked again by the Supervisor to ensure quality and perfection. The client receives the final resolution only when we’re satisfied with the work quality from our end.

  • Can I use multiple virtual assistants?

    Yes! We have a team of skilled virtual assistants. As per your task requirements, we assign experts from specific fields so you can use multiple assistants at once.

  • Can I avail of the services of assistants who can work on a per-project basis? Is this possible?

    Yes! You can avail of the services of assistants who can work on a per-project basis.

  • What would be the mode of communication with my assistant?

    You can communicate with your assistant via Skype, live chat, email, and phone. We suggest contacting with email so that we can have an easy track record.

  • How can I monitor progress on tasks I've delegated?

    To monitor the progress of your task you can ask directly to your assigned VA through email, skype, and phone. Also, the VA will be updating status on the TransferTask portal to keep you updated on the progress.

  • What if my VA is not suitable to my requirement or I am not happy with the VA’s performance?

    We provide provision for the change of your Virtual Assistant (VA) if you are not satisfied with the job performance of that employee. Before submitting any task, you may train your VA. This reduces the chances of disappointment with your VA.

  • How do I know that the time charged for performing a task is accurate or not?

    We usually charge for the actual involvement of hours. We do not charge for our understanding of the task. However, you can always get in touch with your account manager if you have any doubts about the time charged.

  • Do you outsource any work to freelancers?

    No. We do not outsource any work to freelancers. All our workers are in-house and professionals.

  • What time zone are you located in?

    We are based in India (IST time zone). However, we offer our services 24/7.

  • How does the Exclusive Trial work?

    When you sign up for an Exclusive Trial, the relationship manager will become your sole point of contact. Every job you request during this trial phase will be monitored by your partnership manager to ensure consistent performance. Exclusive Trial is intended to help you test our working procedure, after which you can sign up for any of our plans.

  • Do I have to pay anything for the Exclusive Trial

    YES! To avoid spammers, we request our customers to make a $1/ one dollar payment.

  • What is the protocol for remote desktop sharing?

    We use TeamViewer & Skype to connect your virtual screen.

  • How can I delete/remove a task that has been created twice?

    If you want to edit or remove a job, please contact us through chat, email or phone. We are going to close the duplicate task.

  • If I subscribe to an SEO plan, does it guarantee successful results?

    SEO is a constant, competitive operation. Whereas Google regularly updates its search algorithms, it requires time to achieve the right results. Our SEO specialists offer up-to-date and high-quality solutions but do not guarantee immediate results. To get an instant response, inquire about the PPC solutions at info@transfertask.com

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes. We do have a referral program. To know more, please send us an email at info@transfertask.com

  • Is there a referral link so I can send that to a friend?

    We do have a referral program, but there is no such link for the same. For more details, contact us at info@transfertask.com

  • Do you have a mobile app for iPhone/Android/Windows?

    No. At present, we do not have a mobile app for iPhone/Android/Windows.

Payment Related

  • How to make payment for any plan I’d choose?

    Easiest Things to do! Visit our plans & pricing page and click on the Sign-Up button for any plan you’d like to choose.

  • I’m planning to upgrade to a higher plan. Can you advise me about the process?

    In order to upgrade to a higher plan, send us an email at info@transfertask.com with the details of your preferred plan. Our team will send an Instant Upgrade payment link and after completing the billing procedure, we will add the current remaining hours to your new higher plan.

  • What is the mode of payment?

    We are a premium partner with PayPal and accept all types of payments from the same.

  • I would like to pay with my company debit card, not PayPal. Is this possible?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. But we only accept payments through PayPal.

  • Do you have a smaller pricing plan of fewer than 10 hours?

    We have no plans for fewer than 10 hours. However, you can still use our personalized 'Pay As You Go' package that requires you to pay on an hourly basis.

  • I want to try out tranfertask.com without paying yet. How can I do that?

    You can test our services by selecting Exclusive Trial. Just a minimum activation charge of USD 1 is required to avoid spam.

  • Do you have a per task-based pricing or per hour pricing?

    We have a “per hour” based pricing structure.

  • If I cancel my membership with you and I still have hours left on my account, do I simply lose my unused hours on my account?

    We have a lifetime validity scheme for your unused hours. So if you cancel your membership with us within the first 10 days of your enrollment, we can refund the money of the remaining hours only.

  • What are your rates for doing virtual administrative services?

    We charge a flat fee on an hourly basis for any virtual assistant service you want, including internet research, data entry, and administrative work, etc.

  • What are your rates for Website Development and Digital Marketing?

    Our professional services like website development and digital marketing do not have a fixed rate. The charges for these types of services are unique and are totally based on your requirements.

  • What is coupon code?

    Coupon code is a unique code to avail any discount offer. If a coupon code is available at the time of your subscription, you can indulge in it.

Registration Related

  • I just signed up for Exclusive Trial, but it looks as though my email isn't recognized. Could you help me with that?

    If our system is not recognizing the email, it means that you’re using a different email ID. You need to only use the same email that you’ve used when signing up for EXCLUSIVE TRIAL.

  • How can I register at MyTasker?

    Visit our website www.transfertask.com Home Page and click on the sign-up button than start creating your personal account from verified email address. Once you’ve created your account it will redirect and give you access to our task portal.

Security Related

  • How do I know my information/passwords are safe with TransferTask?

    The credentials that you upload through WEB LOGINS in your TransferTask portal and the other information that you share are safe with us because:

    • We have a secured data storage center.
    • We conduct a thorough background check of the hired employees.
    • We have a mandatory procedure for employees to sign an NDA