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Below you can find the two comparisons of the top virtual assistant companies. This blog will help you make good decisions before hiring a virtual assistant. A Quick Review: Belay Solutions BELAY Solutions is headquartered in Atlanta, but their team is spread out across 48 states in the U.S. this has brought up a low amount of response rate because of the team not working under one roof. The workforce has changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution. So while many companies don't have conveyor belts and assembly lines anymore, they still operate like they do – and treat their employees like they do, too. In fact, if you think about what offices look like today, it's the same thing: They put people in lines of cubicles and put managers around them to make sure they're doing what they need to do. Cost: $40 Per Hour (Highly Expensive) Service: Medium Response Availability: 9 Hours Support Specialty: Bookkeeping Services A Quick Review: Transfer Task - Virtual Assistant Services Transfer Task is a provider of virtual assistance services. They provide support to Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and all sizes of companies. Also, They are specialized in supporting Busy Professionals who hardly have time to perform their lifestyle, as well as business-related tasks that can be performed by phone, email, skype, or fax. Transfer Task provides 24/7 support and is eager to reach every busy individual to make their lives easier. They have divided our plans into various categories to make it suitable for all sizes of companies. Cost: $10 Per Hour (Highly Affordable) Service: Dedicated Assistants Availability: 24/7 Support Specialty: Best Virtual Assistants Services Attention: Your decision totally depends on your needs and this blog has a comparison of the best virtual assistant companies in the outsourcing space.